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Experience produced and performed by: Adrian Tabacaru
Illustrations by: Maria Ivan-Gurzu (aka MIG)
Software used: Logic Pro X, After Effects, DUIK Basel-Inverse Kinematic Animation plugin, Cinema 4D, Max/Msp, Antescofo Score Follower, Resolume, Lightkey.


The Journey is a real-time score following and coordination study for Piano in conjunction with Antescofo , Max/Msp, Resolume and Lightkey . The story is about people, about the role each of us has and it is inspired by the design of the Venezuelan artist Maria Inmaculada Guadarrama "There Are People That Are The Journey, Not The Destination".
“There are people that are the journey, not the destination”.
A story about people, a story about the role each of us has. There are people who do not come to our lives to stay but to be part of the journey. Thanks to them, we learn and prepare for the next stage of our lives. Let's enjoy the trip and the lessons learned in this wonderful journey.

The Journey was publicly presented at:
  • I.T.P.M.A Master Degree Exam - CINETic
    Bucharest, February 2019
  • Organic Proxy Interactive Installations Exhibition
    The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, April 19, 2020