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Experience developed and produced by: Adrian Tabacaru
Software used: Unreal Engine, Logic Pro X, Max/Msp, Lightact, Ableton Live, Touchdesigner


Before babies are born, they experience a long and exciting trip on their way home.
You are invited to live once again this beautiful journey, virtually guided by your winged friend.
An immersive mixed reality experience for people of all ages.

Fly baby, fly! is an immersive mixed reality experience where the user is invited to experience once again the journey every human takes right before they are born.
The user sits comfortably on a cocoon-like hammock, puts the VR headset and transposes into a virtual world, standing on a white cloud, held by a stork.
The virtual experience is multi-sensorial, the whole setup is intended to be placed in a cold temperature room, with three air-ventilators simulating the wind made by the stork wings.

The Fly baby, fly VR Installation was publicly presented at the following events:
  • The White Night of the Art Galleries
    CINETic institute, Bucharest, October 10, 2019
    The Creative Neighborhood, Bucharest, 21.11.2019-24.11.2019